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Agricultural Gallery

Our agricultural gallery shows a portfolio of previous work undertaken by A.C Jackson Ltd nationwide. These are only a few examples of work we have carried out.

If you would like to see more or if you like what you see in our portfolio of previous work, please give A.C Jackson Ltd a call today.

Beef building in Greater Manchester


Straw store building in Shropshire


Dairy Innovation Building for Harper Adams University


Cattle building in Shropshire


Cattle building in Shropshire


Straw Store building in Leicestershire


General purpose building in Cheshire


General storage building in West Sussex



Storage building in Cheshire



Grain store building in Shropshire



General purpose building in Nottinghamshire



Beef unit & storage building in Cheshire



Cattle building in Shropshire



Multi purpose building comprising of stables, a workshop & under cover parking



General storage building in Cheshire


End extension for a storage building in Cheshire


A boat house in Staffordshire


Dog agility building in Denbighshire


Cattle building in Staffordshire


Straw Store Building in Suffolk


Muck Store Building in Cambridgeshire


Potato Grading Building in Cheshire


Woodchip Storage Building in Essex



Cattle Building in Staffordshire


Cattle Building in Staffordshire


Cattle Building in Wrexham


Cattle Building in Chester


Two Grain Store’s in Oxfordshire


Grain Store in Essex


General Purpose Building in Surrey


Cattle Building in Cheshire


Roof over manure storage unit in Tewkesbury


Pig Buildings in North Shropshire


Silage Clamp in Whitchurch


Silage Clamp – Store Building in Shrewsbury


Sheep Building in Nottingham


Hay Store in Crewe


Grain Store in Wrenbury


Grain Store in Taunton


Grain Store in Northampton


Grain Store in Cambridgeshire


Grain Drying Building in Shrewsbury


Cattle Building in Sheffield



Cattle Building in Nottingham


Cattle Building in Malpas